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EZspeedbag Carry Bag

EZspeedbag ™

Quick Overview

EZspeedbag™ is a completely portable speed bag platform you can quickly install in your home, apartment, or almost anywhere you might want to train.

Patented technology makes EZspeedbag™ lightweight and compact while maintaining the performance you'd expect from a traditional wall-mounted speed bag.

The backboard, which is 18" in diameter, allows for easy set up in any doorway. Simply screw in 2 small screws into each supporter provided (2) and you can train within minutes. The integrated pull up bar brings versatility to your workouts.

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Bring your speed bag platform and cardio workout anywhere as the EZspeedbag can be installed in any doorway. Simply screw in 2 small screws into each supporter provided (2) and you can train within minutes. It is no longer necessary to train the speed bag at a gym, which for many can be embarassing. Now you can set up the EZspeedbag in the privacy of your home or wherever you have a doorway available. Training your punches for timing, strength and location is imperative for self protection & The EZspeedbag ™ is a superior addition to your Self Defense, Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts and Strength & Fitness training regiments.

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  1. Excellent review by David G. on 11/12/2017

    I've had the EZspeedbag for about a week now and love it. It's an great addition to a home gym and of course always fun to use. Being a fighter/trainer, this product is great keeping both myself and clients sharp after an intense session. Definitely recommended you wouldn't be disappointed.

  2. Great product & Service review by Bij on 11/9/2017

    I purchased this speed bag about a year ago. Worked great and was a breeze to set up. I ended up having the hook that held the bag break and the service to remedy the situation was fantastic. Replacement parts were overnight shipped to me immediately after my email and a follow up was done sjortly after to make sure i receieved the parts. The definition of great customer service. Thank you!

  3. Excellent product & excellent service review by Ronald on 10/10/2017

    The EZ Speedbag is an excellent product and well worth the money. I ordered both the speed bag and double end bag and both are fantastic. In addition to an excellent product, the customer service is also excellent. I needed it delivered ASAP and the owner Chris took the extra time to have dialogue with me via telephone and text message to assure that the product was delivered on time and that I was happy and satisfied. Where in the world can you find customer service that is as good as the product itself.... only at EZ Speedbag. Thanks again Chis and the team at EZ Speedbag.

  4. Totally awesome review by Mandy on 9/6/2017

    I bought the EZ speedball a few months ago. I came across it over a year ago while looking for one that could go over the door but all the ones I found were for kids or REALLY expensive. Then I found this and was extremely excited, it was better that any over the door bag and just like it says it was easy to set up. I love it! Everyone who comes over asks about it me has to try it out :) Thank you for making such an awesome product!!

  5. Review review by Melanie on 5/17/2017

    This was a Christmas gift for my fiancé, who used a speedbag about 30 years ago. We don't really have a place where we can put up a traditional speedbag so when I saw this one with such great reviews, I jumped on it. Let me say it took us forever to finally put it up because my fiancé was quite skeptical about it being stable enough to stay in the doorway. Now that it's up, he's happily using it all day long, basically every time he walks by it. It took him a very short time to get his rhythm back and now he's building up his endurance. He's getting back into shape plus it's a great stress reliever. It makes me really happy to see how proud he is when he gets a nice long run going. Thanks Chris for the great customer service when I had questions and for all your encouragement!


  6. Excellent Cstomer Service review by Adela on 5/16/2017

    I purchased this for my husband for Christmas and he couldn't be happier with the product. Easy installation and great quality. We did have an issue with the bag that it came with but once we contacted customer service Chris was amazing. He immediately sent out a new bag and even kept in touch to make sure item was received and working properly. We have never been so impressed by such great service. We would highly recommend this product for their greatly quality and service.

  7. I give it a 10 review by Michael s. Mariconda on 5/6/2017

    Fantastic product best portable speedbag setup bar none, as good as any in a professional gym with the addition of being able to move platform from door to door, rock solid. Best customer service anywhere immediate response to any problem you may have. Best purchace I made in years and would recommend to anyone

  8. Just too good review by Rod P. on 5/3/2017

    This product, the e-z speedbag platform is an ingenious invention. I only wish l had thought of it myself. The platform exceeds all expectations. It is very easy to install on any doorway frame. It,s a Snap. The speedbag responds to the platform for a perfect rebound. Anybody that is a boxer, or speedbag enthusiasts, this is the Best on the marketplace, anywhere. My advice is, Buy it.

  9. Amazing review by Jordan A on 4/30/2017

    Great product, great service. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

  10. Very impressed! review by Eddie on 4/28/2017

    Very professional and as far as the EZSpeedbag it's an amazing equipment to have. I looked it up on YouTube and I was impressed that I just had to buy a couple of them for my boxing program. I tried them out at home and I was blown away. Surpassed my expectations it's worth the investments please believe it!

  11. Great Product and great customer service review by TJ on 4/17/2017

    Chris is a stand up guy with a stand up product.
    I've had the speed bag and double end bag for almost 2 years now. One of the Bungay cords snapped after using a while and Chris immediately sent me a couple of cords and another speed bag free!!!
    Thank you EZ Speed bag!

  12. equipment assembly review by Hudson1 on 4/14/2017

    The overall product is great. I am enjoying the bag. However, the clevis pins that are used for the assembly of the A frame were broken. (The you tube video is a little deceiving because it shows the A frame already assembled in the box) The tiny little balls that are supposed to be inside the pins had fell out. We managed to install it with little problem. And like I said, overall, it works great!

  13. Exceptional Company! review by Jessica on 3/29/2017

    If you've read enough reviews, the only complaint you'll see about this product is the bag ripping. When I received this product I was confused because the bag was different from the picture. When I reached out to Chris he advised me that they have changed the bags due to the quality of the old ones. So the bags should no longer be a concern! This item was easy to put together and definitely portable! The customer service you receive is outstanding. Chris is responsive and ready to take care of any issues that might arise. My husband wanted to try out the old bags and Chris sent us multiple free of charge. His product is fantastic and the customer service is unlike any I've ever experienced. A+ product and A++ customer service!

  14. CONCEPT AND EXECUTION OF THE PRODUCT AND OWNER FAR EXCEEEDS ALL EXPECTATIONS! review by Steve Mastroianni mastro2020@charter.net on 3/1/2017

    Chris not only answered my calls personally but actually drove 3 hrs. came to my house and installed it for me. ABSOLUTELY UNHEARD OF TODAY!!!! CAN SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THIS GUY AND EZ SPEED BAG SET_UP.I NEEDED A HEIGHT ADJ BAR AND A NEW UNIT. If you are under 5.10 inches your going to need the height bar. He delivered it personally. The unit itself is solid as a rock and sturdy no vibrations or shaking. Bag holds air good. Chris also installed the double-end bag for me and bottom attachment bar. It works like a charm! Can't say enough about this product. I'll be pounding it for yrs. to come. THIS IS THE FIRST GENERATION OF ITS KIND THE PRODUCT IS OUTSTANDING AND SO IS THE OWNER!!! IT A WINNER!!!!

  15. Speedbag Review review by Yvonne on 12/8/2016

    I got the EZspeedbag two days after ordering it. Installation was simple. I've used it once and it is very sturdy. Chris was a great help. I can't wait to make this part of my routine.

  16. Speedbag review review by Yvonne on 12/8/2016

    I received the item 2 days after ordering it. Setup was easy. I've used it once and it holds up very well. Chris is great. He aims to please and puts the customer first.

    I recommend.

  17. Get one! review by Matt in AZ on 11/15/2016

    I love my EZspeedbag. I use it every day and it has held up. I've been very impressed. There is no movement on the board. It is solid. And Chris is a stand up guy. Get one.

  18. EZ TO PUT UP AND USE review by Albert in HAWAII on 11/2/2016

    Awesome product and owner takes great pride in his product and backs it 100%. He called me personally to make sure the product was shipped securely and in one piece to my home in Hawaii and told me he will replace anything broken during shipping. Great business ownership....wish him success. Maybe he should get on Shark Tank :-)
    Albert in HAWAII

  19. Really good review by Geoff on 9/26/2016

    If looking for a speed bag platform without having to deal with the hassle of something traditional, this is the very best option. The product not only works as advertised, but the customer support is second to none. It's not often you can email the owner of a business and have them get back to you immediately. Put all doubts to rest, you will be happy with your purchase.

  20. good product lousy bag review by Joe on 9/18/2016

    Been using the speed bag for 3 months and everything but the bag has held upwell. The speed bag started to rip apart poor quality.

  21. Chingon!! review by Juanlolo20 on 9/7/2016

    Love this product awesome for the hands and arms !!! Thanks chris !

  22. EZ speed ball review by Andrew Outing on 9/3/2016

    Great product I have been using this product for five months. The EZ speedball has helped with my hand speed and timing for boxing. The great thing is that you can take this product to any home put it up and away you go. My son has also started using this product and has helped him with his timing and hand speed great product I would not think twice about buying again really great idea love it.

  23. EZ speed ball review by Andrew Outing on 9/3/2016

    I have used the EZ speed ball for five months. The EZ speed ball is a great product well made and good to take to any home. This product comes with two speed balls and a pump it's great value. On the flip side this product has helped improve my speed and timing and is also a great tool for teaching kids to use as well. If your looking for a great made speed ball station that you can take anywere this is the best product on the market in my eyes.

  24. Awesome review by TJ on 7/21/2016

    Great product! Thanks Chris!!!

  25. The Training device review by Asian Boxing Club William Williams on 7/19/2016

    I purchased the EZ Speed Bag as a alternative to traditional speed bag which cost anywhere from $200 to $2000 dollars. The EZ Speed Bag gives you the same professional skill development as a boxing gym set up.

  26. Awesome setup! review by Adam Bomb on 7/7/2016

    I have always wanted to work a Speed bag bit had nowhere to put one. Now I can put one wherever I want. I had no boxing or bag knowledge. I found this product and it has been the most fun work out I have ever tried. Easy to setup and take down. I work the bag every day. Arms are now lean. Hands are fast. Head is clear. Rhythm has come a long way. Tons of fun. Perfect for anyone. Great product and even better customer service. Thanks for this long overdue item, Chris! Well thought-out!

  27. Works well review by twobigarms on 5/28/2016

    Put it in the doorway with no hassles, works awesome. Couple issues 1-the black and yellow bag already tore apart at the hanger. The other bag is working well so far. 2-the bag seems to fly off the swivel at times, might have to squeeze it shut a little more with some vice grips or tape it. If I can find a small, more secure holder that will fit in the eye of the swivel I may have to upgrade it. Overall very pleased and use it everyday.

  28. The next big thing in fitness(already is) review by Oilfield swole(stan) on 4/26/2016

    The EZspeed bag is by far the best workout product I have bought and I own. Helps me keep my anxiety under control and helps me relieve stress. Can't wait to see what great things they're going to come out with. Going to order the double sided speedball and the other accessories that go with it

  29. EZ speedbag review review by Brawler on 4/18/2016

    I got the EZ speedbag home and put it up in my bedroom frame. When I finally realized you need to have it up high then I was able to tighten it good and worked really well. If it is just even a little lose there is not as much bounce and it recoils the unit. Once that is set up I will be able to get it really tight and the bag at the level of my chin with the attachment piece that I purchased separately.

    The speed bags; the leather great, the vinyl oval is good. Overall I rate the EZ speedbag set up highly and would recommend it to others for sure.

  30. EZ speedbag review review by Brawler on 4/18/2016

    I got the EZ speedbag home and put it up in my bedroom frame. When I finally realized you need to have it up high then I was able to tighten it good and worked really well. If it is just even a little lose there is not as much bounce and it recoils the unit. Once that is set up I will be able to get it really tight and the bag at the level of my chin with the attachment piece that I purchased separately.

    The speed bags; the leather great, the vinyl oval is good. Overall I rate the EZ speedbag set up highly and would recommend it to others for sure.

  31. Solid review by State of fitness 101 boxing club on 3/28/2016

    Several of my amateurs n a couple pro's having been using EZ Speedbag for awhile now not one complent to me or the rumor mil in the club a solid product that has been long over doe when it come to the Evolution of the Speedbag

  32. Awesome review by Ryan G on 12/12/2015

    The EZspeedbag far exceeded my expectations. It works as well as the ones drilled into the walls at my gym. I've been using this daily for months after sparring or to finish off my heavy bag workout. Couldn't be happier and Chris is an great guy to deal with. Highly recommend

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