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How to Become a Better Fighter

Fighting, whether it be professionally or a fistfight in a bar on a Saturday night, encompasses punching and avoiding getting punched, while defending oneself from takedowns, kicks and sometimes weapons. What ends a fight quickest is a well timed, fast, powerful punch. Your reaction time, reflexive motion and coordination are the components that make your punch either powerful or weak. It is no surprise that every boxer in the last century has used the speed bag and heavy bag as their primary training pieces of fighting equipment. By using the EZspeedbag daily, a user can develop his or her punching ability, increasing both the speed and power of their punch, making them a much more proficient fighter. Use the EZspeedbag to develop your punching capability by alternating punches with the left and right hand while concentrating and focusing your eyes on the target speed bag. A good beginning workout would be completing 5 two minute rounds, alternating hands, with a one minute rest in between. Also, your deltoids or shoulder muscles are integral in keeping your arms up to punch and to parry or block and defend against punches. Strengthening the shoulder muscles is imperative when developing punching speed and power as well. The EZspeedbag will help you become a better fighter by maximizing your punching power and enhancing your punch speed, while strengthening your shoulders and increasing critical hand eye coordination reflex time and overall fighting prowess.