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Female fitness made easy with EZspeedbag

The EZspeedbag is a tremendous piece of portable fitness equipment that women can use to lose fat and build strength while honing and practicing their self defense skills. Being lightweight, compact and portable, the EZspeedbag now takes female fitness to the next level by offering a pro gym speed bag platform that is easy to use, install and takedown, making it perfect for women to use in their home, office or hotel room. Integral to female self defense is the ability to strike and block. By using the EZspeedbag, women increase their reflex time, their punching strength and speed, and hand eye coordination, all imperative when thwarting an attack. Additionally, using the EZspeedbag with a nutrition program for as little as 15 minutes a day, will produce dramatic body transforming results in as little as 8 weeks. By utilizing the integrated pull up bar for pull ups, women can attain a waist slimming effect by tightening their upper body while tapering their waistline . When using the EZspeedbag for hanging leg raises, women can target that hard to hit lower abdominal section, a problem area that most women seek to flatten. Combining the pull up, followed by the hanging leg raise, closing with a round (2 minutes) of hitting the speed bag with both hands, creates a highly effective training circuit that burns stubborn fat stores while body sculpting those desired areas making the EZspeedbag indispensable for female fitness. Women around the world have now incorporated the speed bag into their training regimens whether it be for kickboxing, boxing, martial arts or just to get that healthy, fit body they desire.