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Crossfit Training with EZspeedbag

Crossfit training utilizes strength and cardio exercises in alternating or combined sets to increase heart rate while summoning strength reserves. Crossfit training stimulates the production of fat burning and muscle building hormones which occur naturally in every man and woman. Today, crossfit training is used in both men's and women's fitness to develop strength and lose body fat in the shortest possible time frame. Crossfit is a cutting edge fat burning and muscle building training system using intense full body workouts. The EZspeedbag is an innovative piece of Crossfit equipment and can be used for a set of pull ups, followed by a set of pushups, sit ups or burpees, followed by 2 minute rounds of hitting the EZspeedbag. This circuit of exercise can be viewed as "1 set" and is repeated multiple times for an intense full body workout. By using the speed bag in combination with pull ups or one of many other circuit training exercises, one can attain excellent cardio conditioning while building lean muscle mass, which together greatly accelerates fat loss. The EZspeedbag is now the only piece of crossfit equipment that is portable and can be taken and used anywhere.